Irish Mussels

Our bottom-grown Irish mussels begin their days as seed mussel in the Irish Sea, before being fished and relaid in Lough Foyle by our local mussel producers.

In the brackish waters of the lough, the mussels spend the next couple of years feasting on the various food sources the Foyle provides.

On the seabed in the shallow waters of Lough Foyle, the mussels are exposed to the elements. This allows them to develop a robust shell to keep the meat safe on the inside while also sealing in vital nutrients and flavour.

Once these shiny blue molluscs reach the desired size and quality, they are ready for harvesting.

MUSSEls Benefits

Mussels are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. They’re high in protein and low in calories. A bowl of our meaty molluscs will provide you with a wholesome, healthy and well-balanced meal, fresh from Irish waters.

The Bottom-Grown Mussel industry in Ireland is MSC certified which means it’s a sustainable and environmentally-responsible fishery. So, while you enjoy some fresh, tasty mussels, you’re also protecting the earth and supporting local fishing communities.