Native Foyle Oysters – Dozen Box


Our seasonal wild oysters are only available from September to April so be sure to get your hands on a box or two while you can.

These oysters make for a unique oral experience. The soft, delicate meat of these natives gives way to deep metallic flavour that’s both difficult to describe, or to forget. A must-have local delicacy!


The Lough Foyle native oyster season runs from September to April. This is when the oysters are at their best. Natives are a variety of flat oyster and Lough Foyle is home to one of the last large populations of the European Flat Oysters.

As such, the fishery it is subject to strict regulations in order to protect our local stocks. Every oyster is measured to ensure it meets the size requirements and any that are too small are returned to the water to grow on for another year.


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